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Customers have great recall when it comes to digital signage: Up to 50% of shoppers can remember seeing digital signage at a store and describe the ad in detail 30 days after their visit. With BenQ’s visual display solutions, operators not only can easily set a tone for luxury ambience but also can have the ultimate freedom to make the best use of store space for better customer communication.

Reasons why BenQ Display helps grab attentions for shopping malls

  • Maximize exposure with Double-Sided Signage that can engage clients on both sides simultaneously, effectively doubling the messages’ visibility.
  • Create seamless customer communication with unique, long-structure Bar-Type Display regardless of space limitations.
  • Enable an enticing and informative product showcase with BenQ’s all-in-one Transparent Box Display which allows customers to interact with digital information on the outside screen while viewing products through the highly transparent box.
  • Craft inviting atmosphere with stunning projection mapping powered by BlueCore Laser Projector which can deliver superior image quality via dynamic installation options.

Double-Sided Signage

Capture Customers from Both Directions

Dual-Sided Screens Tell Both Sides of Your Story

Offering awe-inspiring picture quality, BenQ’s Double-Sided Signage delivers incredible, crystal clear multimedia images that will be visible from nearly every angle within a boutique. With the help of the display’s dual-sided nature, operators are able to effortlessly increase message visibility. Additionally, BenQ engineered the signage to suit both indoors and semi-outdoor locations, thereby making it easy to grab customers’ attention as they come and go through high traffic areas.

Flawless Display in Portrait and Landscape View

The Double-Sided Display is engineered to deliver a fantastic image quality whether fixed in portrait or landscape view. This provides boutiques with ultimate flexibility to engage with clients and deliver brand messages near a store’s entrance or counters.

Bar-Type Display

Display Pertinent Information at Every Atypical Space

High-Performance Displays for the Most Unique Spaces

Bar-Type Displays are designed to meet the unique spatial demands of any boutique. The stylish long-and-narrow design makes Bar-Type Displays ideal for commonly underutilized areas such as fitting rooms or near the cash register, thereby promoting the upsale directly to consumers wherever they turn.

Transparent Box Display

Add an Elegant and Luxurious Touch to Glass Displays

Innovative Storytelling with Ultra Vivid Transparent Imagery Transmission

Transcend the traditional boutique atmosphere by setting up products within a Transparent Box Display, further enhancing the customer experience by presenting product information directly on the display glass. With ultra vivid transparent imagery transmission, boutique owners can easily strike that balance between fashionable and convenient.

* Image shows the BenQ's Open Frame Transparent Display.

Ultra Simple Hassle-Free Installation

Two 2W speakers allow crisp audio to be played to set the mood or enhance the visual experience with audiovisual playback, giving customers a new experience. Plug-and-play simplicity at its finest, operators can choose what to present to its clientele directly on the display’s surface. There’s no need for complicated setup either, as a USB port grants access to MP4 and JPEG files for immediate playback without any hassle. Moreover, the Transparent Box Display also supports a wide variety of multimedia connectivity including USB, VGA, DVI and HDMI, so operators can easily enrich shopping experience at any given time.

BlueCore Laser Projector

Set a Luxurious Tone with Stunning Projection Experience

Long-Lasting, Superior Image Quality with Ultra-High Brightness

With its high-lumen brightness and super-high contrast ratio of 100,000:1, BenQ BlueCore Laser Projector directly controls light output for a long-lasting superior image quality; providing boutique operators with an image clarity and fidelity that is sure to quickly grab clients’ attention with its strikingly bold images. Additionally, its dual color wheel system further maximizes image stability with its ability to maintain perfect RGBY color balance across the entire projection.

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