A recent study indicated that almost 60% of banks reported they had implemented digital display solutions to improve bank-client relationships. BenQ’s visual display solutions, engineered with modern banking in mind, aim to make services smarter and more personal. Greet customers with bright, vibrant images via a BlueCore Laser Projector that delivers brand message regardless of the bank's natural ambiance. Touch-controlled signage gives clients the opportunity to discover new banking options at their own pace. Moreover, with Super Narrow Bezel Display walls, bank operators can provide a seamless viewing experience to stream financial news and up-to-date stock market information.

Discover How BenQ Display Can Amp Up Banking Experience

  • With maintenance-free performance, the BlueCore Laser Projector is destined to perform and deliver superior images for years, ensuring that clients never had to experience unintentionally blank screens.
  • Exhibit financial information and stock market data with brilliant, clear images on a massive scale with BenQ's Super Narrow Bezel Display video walls.
  • The ultimate all-in-one 4K information display, Smart Signage’s MDA grants operators access to display controls, alert settings, and power settings, while X-Sign’s content creation and content scheduling reduces workload and allows for banks to show content tailored specifically for its branch.
  • Highly responsive touch-controlled Interactive Signage gives clients the power to explore new bank account offers and services on their own.

BlueCore Laser Projector

Reliable Projections Deliver Powerful Brand Messaging.

Long-Lasting, Superior Image Quality with Ultra-High Brightness

The BenQ BlueCore Laser Projector delivers an unmatched high-lumens brightness that is designed to deliver long-lasting superior image quality; ultimately presenting timely and accurate banking information in brilliant detail. With its dual color wheel system, the BlueCore Laster Projector also guarantees a superior color performance that delivers a flawless image while maintaining clarity, subtlety, and fidelity in both bright and dark ambiance.

Super Narrow Bezel Display

An Easy-to-Calibrate Video Wall Display with Simple-to-Use Administrative Tools

Ultra-Narrow Bezel Design for Immersive Experience

Taking the adage that “size does matter” to hear, BenQ designed a beautiful, sleek, ultra-narrow bezel display that packs a punch. Offering a seamless viewing experience, the Super Narrow Bezel Display allows for video walls that impress and delight.

Interactive Signage

A Self-Service Kiosk with Flawless Non-Stop Touch-Controlled Performance in a Sleek Package

Multi-Touch Capability

Highly accurate and reliable infrared technology gives BenQ's signage an edge. Easy to use and highly responsive, the excellent multi-touch capability supports up to 10 touch points at once, allowing for a more personal banking experience. By streamlining complex processes, clients can perform lower-level activities on their own, freeing up bankers for more high-value tasks.

Smart Signage

Easy-to-Use Content and Display Management Solutions and Superior Image Quality

Built-in X-Sign Content Management Software

BenQ's X-Sign software is a powerful cloud-based content manager that makes creating, scheduling and displaying content across an entire network easy. Pre-packed with multiple templates that are professionally designed, X-Sign allows operators to quickly create display content that not only matches the brand image but also seizes clients’ attention. Moreover, with X-Sign content scheduling is made easy, as distribution can be done over the Internet, thereby allowing for centralized control and instant information update to all branches.

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