Shanghai International Popular Science Products Expo

Shanghai International Popular Science Products Expo


Curators at the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum required a projector with advanced projection capabilities to recreate key scenes from the film, The Three-Body Problem, for a promotional event during an expo.


To recreate an important scene from The Three-Body Problem, a massive singular image was required. Utilizing three BenQ High Brightness Large Venue Projectors, the curators could create a seamless projection that provided movie quality, ultra-high definition images without any noticeable gaps between the individual projections. Employing BenQ's array of optional lens, the museum decided on a wide angle lens to display every pixel of the film's scene, while the dual-lamp design guaranteed a 7000 Lumens brightness for a crystal clear image.


The museum’s curators were ecstatic about the projectors’ performance. The Integrated Filtration system made it possible to keep the projectors in peak condition, even during construction of the art installation and expo, consequently preventing any debris and dust from reaching the sensitive components of the projectors. Additionally, the internal 6–segment color wheel provided a vibrant color range that surprised and enthralled the team in charge of the project.

Facts at a Glance

Shanghai International Popular Science Products Expo



Year of Completion


Country & Location

China / Shanghai


2015 Shanghai International Popular Science Products Expo

BenQ Solution Used

BenQ Large Venue Projector PU9730

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