National Space Center

National Space Center Finds the Center of the Universe with BenQ BlueCore Laser Projector


The Space Centre needed to replace its aging projectors but knew its 20-year-old projection surface was too light for modern projectors because of the strong cross bounce within the dome. To reduce this cross bounce, they decided to lower the gain (grey colour) to levels below those normally attempted in planetariums, but to do so cost-effectively they required bright laser projectors.


In an effort to create a powerful experience, the National Space Centre looked to BenQ for projection solutions. While employing its new laser projector series, BenQ created custom firmware for the project and delivered the bright and vibrant planetarium experience the National Space Centre required.


Impressed with the planetarium’s flawless performance, the National Space Centre happily shared the news with colleagues seeking to build similar attractions. Following the installation of 13 LU9915 ProAV projectors, the National Space Centre caught the attention of other planetariums across the U.K.

Facts at a Glance

National Space Centre



Year of Completion



An international, award-winning space centre reinvents its planetarium by incorporating 16 laser projectors to create seamless, high-brightness images that impress audiences of all ages.

BenQ Solution Used

- BenQ ProAV Laser Projector LU9915

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