Learning 2.0 at the Educational Center in Friesenheim

Learning 2.0 at the Educational Center in Friesenheim


The technical equipment of the schools in the municipality of Friesenheim, with its almost 13,000 inhabitants, showed clear signs of aging. In addition to the chalkboard, teachers in the classrooms only had older overhead projectors, beamers, a few media trolleys, televisions, and two digital blackboards in the secondary school, at their disposal. With the exception of a few notebooks and computer rooms, the topics of digitization and new media had largely passed by schools so far.


After detailed consultation with the specialist retailer Uriot GmbH, representatives of the municipality of Friesenheim and the teaching staff of the associated schools—including elementary and secondary schools—looked for solutions to best enable the integration of new media into teaching in the future. The concept should be consistent for all grades in all schools. Finally, 17 BenQ RP654K displays were purchased.


The new flat screens with Wi-Fi connection complement the lessons in a sensible way and have quickly become a valued tool of the teaching staff. For example, lessons at an elementary school continue to consist primarily of reading, writing and arithmetic, although it is often helpful if what is said can also be visualized with a video or interactive graphic. In addition, teachers can now use their iPads in conjunction with the Apple Airplay integrated in the display as a mobile document camera and flexible presentation tool.

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Learning 2.0 at the Educational Center in Friesenheim

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• BenQ Education Interactive Flat Panel Display | RP654K

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