Need-to-Know Facts When Buying a Projector

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When companies are purchasing meeting room equipment, cost efficiency is a prime concern. Most companies in need of a display solution gravitate towards traditional lamp projectors while skimming over “extravagant” options such as laser projectors.

Why is this? At first glance, a lamp projector does appear to be the better deal – a lamp projector with comparable technical specs to a laser projector usually goes for half the price. However, if we take consumables into account, is it really the best choice in the long run?

As the above chart shows, even though laser projectors have a higher up-front cost, their total ownership cost over ten years is less than 50% that of lamp-based options. BenQ Laser Projectors are also 100% mercury-free and feature BlueCore Laser Technology that produces more accurate colors and clearer images. Designed to improved communications between employees, BenQ Laser Projectors are built to serve as the ideal corporate partner over the long term.

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