3 Reasons Why You Need Interactive Displays to Succeed in India’s Education Market

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A Rapidly Expanding Interactive Display Market with Tremendous Potential

Education has been one of the main focuses for the Indian government in recent years. This emphasis is reflected by the booming market size, with its value measured at $100 billion USD in 2016 and projected to grow to $144 billion USD by 2020. Among all sub-sectors, the K-12 segment boasts a 52% market share in 2016 (Technopak). This rapid increase shows immense potentials of the interactive display market which you can’t neglect.

A Digital Literacy Revolution in India’s Education Sector

India’s digital learning market is estimated at $2 billion USD in 2016, with various initiatives being kicked off by the Indian government to boost digital literacy in recent years. Three factors are fueling the technology-based transformation, such as the application of interactive display in teaching on a large scale:

-Robust Demand : Over 2,000,000 schools, 35,000 colleges, and 40 million seats in vocational training centers make huge demand for smart classrooms. Schools in tier two and tier three cities are increasingly adopting the latest classroom technologies.
-Policy Support : The Indian Government is planning to liberalize the setup of digital classrooms through various government initiatives aiming to boost the growth of digital education market.
-FDI Investments : From 2000 to 2016, more than $1.3 billion USD of foreign direct investment has been put into India’s education sector, with most investment focusing on digital and tech related initiatives.

The Growing Need for Smart Classrooms and Rising Satisfaction with Technologies

78% of teachers in India favor the idea of implementing interactive technologies, including interactive displays, into classrooms (Adobe’s survey), while around 100 cities across India are tapping into the potential of the smart classroom market, which is expected to reach $6 billion USD by 2020 (Technovia).

Coupling with the growing needs for smart classrooms, the key to success is catering a comprehensive line-up of interactive display solutions to schools. As the true one-stop solution provider, BenQ is ready to help you get off to a winning start in a rapidly expanding market.

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