Transform a Lobby from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Market Directly to Clients and Reduce TCO with Powerful Software

More than 36% of hotel guests desire interactive, gesture-controlled displays to find information rapidly. BenQ prides itself on its interactive technologies and digital signage solutions. A fully outfitted lobby would greatly benefit from BenQ digital solutions because guests could learn about upcoming and current events, while also learning about food-and-beverage offers. By using digital signage, important marketing messages can be delivered in a timely manner. Furthermore with BenQ’s own powerful software, content can be created quickly and delivered instantaneously from one central hub. Not only is work streamlined, but TCO is significantly reduced as BenQ products are zero to low-maintenance and require little, if any, upkeep, allowing for continuous operation year round.

BenQ Solution Can Help

■ Deliver timely content with ease that is clear and legible as guests come and go.
■ Enhance product sales with digital augmented content displays that entice and inform customers.
■ Reduce staff workload with content scheduling and hardware that self-monitors performance and functionality.
■ Operate nonstop with reliable hardware that can run continuously throughout the day and year.

Applications for Hospitality

Hotel Lobby

Give guests a convenient and informative welcome in an inviting atmosphere. BenQ’s powerful projectors allow hotels to set the mood with beautiful images and inspiring messages, or utilize projection mapping to change the space as desired. Transforming the lobby into a welcoming space, makes for a powerful first impression, and it can have a long-lasting impact on guests.

Hotel Banquet

Families book banquet halls to celebrate important unions, while businesses use them for important networking events. These clients expect capable and reliable facilities, and BenQ delivers on that promise. Content can come to life in gorgeous 4K2K ultra high detail, while X-Sign software provides guests with the tools to create on the fly content.

Hotel Business Center

Corporations depend on business centers to provide reliable and easy to use hardware. Dependability strengthens business partnerships and increases a hotel’s chances of return business. BenQ’s X-Sign software gives clients the ability to create captivating content quickly with little preparation. X-Sign is a powerful tool that gives clients confidence and flexible freedom to deliver timely content.

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