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Connect and Communicate Around the Globe without Bounds

Collaboration and freedom are the driving forces behind successfully connecting with colleagues across the globe. In a poll, businesses which utilized technology for online office meetings reported business productivity had been optimized, and strategies were communicated faster in real-time. Today’s Internet-driven business world, requires technology which aids and enhances cooperation, information sharing, and puts ideas into action rapidly; BenQ strives to enhance meetings with real-time collaboration through data sharing and interactive technology that allows for quick annotation to foster synergistic teamwork.

BenQ Solution Can Help

■ Improve collaboration with Interactive Flat Panel displays which allow for real-time annotation and rapid file sharing.
■ Empower a mobile workforce with tools that close the physical distance between them and colleagues while improving project collaboration.
■ Enhance the lobby with slick-looking Super Narrow Bezel Series displays that drive the brand’s ideas in style.
■ Convenient and flexible installation for even the most difficult or smallest of spaces.

Applications for Corporate

Meeting Room

Digital display technology enhances meetings through real-time document sharing, image annotation, and more. <br> <a href=""Learn More > </a>


A massive video wall will take lobby guests on a journey, while effortlessly delivering the corporate message. BenQ’s own software provides system administrators with powerful tools to manage multiple displays simultaneously, and schedule time-sensitive or specific content for individual panels. BenQ’s software also allows for monitoring display performance and helps reduce TCO without sacrificing convenience.

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