Clayesmore School’s Chapel Elevates Viewing Experience through the Updated Projection System

Clayesmore School and BenQ Large Venue Projector PU9730


Clayesmore School in the United Kingdom has been relying on an outdated projector to handle different tasks requiring digital projection in a challenging space, its chapel. The chapel presents multiple spatial and lighting challenges that make it difficult to produce high quality images for audience consistently.


In order to help Clayesmore School overcome the persistent challenges, Hugh Symons, which is in charge of the chapel’s AV installation, selected BenQ’s PU9730 projector as the upgraded replacement for its outdated projector. The projector is chosen for its ultra-high brightness, versatile installation and low maintenance cost.
The variation of short throws and 7000 ANSI lumen allowed Clayesmore School to project clear and sharp images from different locations in the chapel.


Clayesmore School was able to successfully incorporate PU9730 into the chapel and enjoy the full flexibility, reliability and versatility that the projector offers. The school can now project superiorly clear images from a distance while ensuring the placement of the projector won’t interfere with its space.

Facts at a Glance

Clayesmore School’s Chapel



Year of Completion


BenQ Solution Used

BenQ Large Venue Projector PX9710


Clayesmore School incorporated PU9730 into the chapel and enjoyed the full flexibility, reliability and versatility that came with the projector.

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