What is EDID Management?

EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is the data provided by digital displays (ex: Projector, TV, etc.) to indicate their capabilities on media sources.

InstaShow delivers HDMI signals from your video source (Notebook/etc.) to the HDMI display. In order to deliver the optimal audio and video format supported by both InstaShow Host/Button and the current HDMI display, InstaShow Host reads the EDID information from the connected HDMI display and determines the optimal video resolution (native resolution) and audio format base on the supported video resolution and audio format of InstaShow Host and Button. Once InstaShow Host decides the optimal video resolution and audio format, the revised EDID will be sent to InstaShow Button to replace the old EDID. And then the video source (Notebook/etc.) could automatically output the best or suggested video resolution base on the EDID of the HDMI-connected InstaShow Button.

In order to check EDID status, InstaShow Host reads the EDID whenever a display is plugged in, unplugged, or turned on/off. Once InstaShow Host found the EDID of display was changed (ex: change the display), InstaShow Button's EDID will be updated when InstaShow Host or Button is restarted.

You are suggested to have EDID Management on to sync EDID of InstaShow with the display. If you have EDID Management off, EDID will not be changed. If you have EDID Management reset, EDID will be restored to factory default setting.
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