Sydney Drummoyne Public School

Drummoyne School and BenQ Short Throw Projector MW824ST


For the students of Drummoyne Public School in Sydney, Australia, an interactive and fun learning environment is a pre-requisite—especially for its young creative and performing arts learners. Keeping the students motivated required technology that could increase interactivity and decrease preparation time for Drummoyne’s staff.


In coming up with a suitable solution, BenQ picked the MW824ST Interactive projector. This projector is preferred for smaller classrooms for its high contrast ratio and ability to project images within a short range. The Short-throw 0.49 lens makes it possible to display images in a limited range without decreasing image quality.


Drummoyne Public School in Sydney, selected the PointWrite™ Solution Package, which came with an MW824ST Projector, the PW01 PointWrite™ module and four pens. This package represented the perfect solution for Drummoyne Public School’s new hands-on education plan. The fun ways in which the projector and pens could be used, encouraged students to participate in class activities and collaborate with one another, enhancing overall interactivity and making the classroom an exciting environment.

Facts at a Glance

Drummoyne Public School



Year of Completion



Provide interactive classroom solution for young learners studying creative and performing arts.

BenQ Solution Used

PointWrite™ Solution Package:
• MW824ST Interactive Projector
• PW01 PointWrite™

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