Is Jamboard available for purchase for customers on all G Suite editions?
Jamboard is available for purchase for G Suite Basic, Business, Enterprise, and Education customers. Education customers should read the following before purchasing Jamboard devices:

There are no discounts on Jamboard for G Suite for Education or Nonprofit customers.
You need to sign an additional Jamboard Terms of Service. Like other Additional services , the Jamboard device and the app are governed by a Terms of Service separate from the G Suite for Education Terms of Service, which an administrator needs to sign to use the product.
 As of May, 2017, Jamboard is not currently a G Suite for Education core service. Learn more
 Like other Additional services , Jamboard is off by default. Admins need to turn on the service. If Jamboards are to be used by anyone under the age of 18 (service can be controlled by the organizational unit), they need the proper parental consent, just as they need to use any Additional service.
 There are no ads in Jamboard, and no data from Jamboard is used for advertising purposes.
 Unlike Hangouts or Google Docs, there is no revision history or “on-the-record” functionality within a jam.
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