Since ancient times humans have desired to understand the universe. While our ancestors looked to the sky, these days many of us study astronomy in planetariums. Though astronomy can be vexing, it doesn’t have to be. According to Mehrabian’s rule, 55% of the sensory information we receive is visual. Furthermore, colorful and graphically rich content helps viewers retain information 82% more effectively. Offering projection solutions for circular video walls and interactive globes, BenQ can help planetariums show the secrets of the universe through immersive interactive experiences that visitors won’t soon forget.

Why are BenQ Laser Projectors suitable for application in planetariums?

  • BenQ’s 4K UHD laser projection technology ensures that planetarium-goers will be able to clearly see every astronomical object, from the most brilliant planets to the faintest stars, in vivid detail
  • BenQ can deliver interactive globe projection that allows visitors to interact with 360° spherical models of the planets and moons
  • 360° Installation, Optional Lenses, Motorized Zoom, and Lens Shift features grant planetariums a variety of installation options that make it easy create fully immersive experiences
  • BenQ’s exclusive MDA software lets operators manage and monitor multiple devices from a central location, streamlining the process of changing content and ensuring that all displays and projectors perform at their best

Large Venue Laser Projectors

Ultimate Performance and Versatility for Large Public Venues

Excellent Installation Flexibility

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