Switzerland’s OSRM Embraces The Cloud With BenQ Education Flat Panel Displays

Switzerland’s OSRM Embraces the Cloud with BenQ Education Flat Panel Displays


OSRM, a secondary school in Switzerland, needed to replace their outdated projectors with newer, more functional technology. They wanted a solution that would offer greater brightness and enhance interactivity in classrooms.


The school adopted BenQ Education Interactive Flat Panels, which not only boast excellent display performance, but also provide cloud-based device- and account-management services as well as many classroom-friendly features.


Having already employed the new displays for several months, OSRM has been very pleased with their performance. BenQ DMS has allowed the school to streamline how they use and maintain their display devices, while features such as EZWrite and AMS make it easy for teachers to feel comfortable no matter which room they are teaching in.

Facts at a Glance



Year of Completion



A school in Switzerland updates its display technology, while also moving teaching materials and maintenance tools to the cloud

BenQ Solution Used:

• BenQ RP6501K 4K UHD 86” Education Interactive Flat Panel Displays
• BenQ Device Management Solution
• BenQ RP704K 4K 70" Education IFP
• BenQ InstaShare

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