How to upgrade X-Sign Designer to v1.6?

1. Uninstall the pervious version of X-Sign Designer. ("Windows/Control Panel/Programs and Features”)
2. Download X-Sign designer v1.6 from BenQ website. (
3. Click the right-key of the mouse on the X-Sign Designer and Player (windows version) icons .
Enable "Run as administrator" from "Properties/Shortcut/Advanced.../Advanced Properties/Run as a administrator"
In case you cannot enable it at the first time, click "Properties/Shortcut/OK." "Administrator permission" reminder will pop-up. Choose "continuous" then repeat to enable "Run as administrator" from "Properties/Shortcut/Advanced.../Advanced Properties/Run as a administrator". Choose "OK"/"Apply"/"OK" to complete this process.

Then the latest X-Sign Designer v1.6 will be installed.
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