What you may encounter with your school projectors


Device and cable incompatibility   

Must carry a USB flash for different classes

Complicated set-up menu

Slow when switching from one device to another

Difficult for IT department to centrally manage devices

Lack of convenient software

to manage classroom projectors

Smart Projector : Break away from outdated teaching methods

The World’s First Smart Projector for Classroom with built-in internet connectivity and web browser, enables teachers to wirelessly access online teaching material without using a PC or laptop. With Smart Projector, schools can achieve smart and blended learning in the classroom, easily and intuitively.

Smart for Wireless Screen Sharing

Wirelessly share your thoughts in one click

Built to support laptops, tablets and smartphones, teachers and students can easily wirelessly share reports, ideas and presentation slides from their device to the Smart Projector in one-click. Make your lessons fully engaging and interactive!

Connect to a Smarter World

A projector that lets you browse more

Unlike traditional projectors, Smart Projector for Classroom has a built-in Android system and web browser (Firefox), allowing teachers to instantly search for online teaching material in the classroom. Provide your students with a greater knowledge landscape, and move away from the wired solution.

Smart Access to Your Teaching Material in Any Classroom

Once your cloud storage is linked,

your teaching materials are at your fingertips

Designed to save time on gathering teaching material, teachers can call up their own tailor-made supporting content from their linked cloud storage accounts to Smart Projector using Account Management System app from their own tablet or smartphone. Same teaching content, available in different classrooms.

Immediate Message Delivery and Management On the Cloud

Smart School Message Delivery

Empower your campus broadcasting system

X-Sign Broadcast – a wireless broadcasting system that helps schools deliver important school announcements in text, video or audio formats to dedicated or all classrooms instantly or within a timeline, complementing school’s PA system. 

Hassle-free Device Management

Smart Management

Manage devices with ease

With the unique DMS Local (Device Management System) and MDA (Multiple Display Administrator), schools can easily centralize projector control via a local network so that your IT administrators can manage all projectors from one central location.

Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates

System Updates via Lan

Energy Efficient Projection


Unique Dustproof Technology

Reduce total cost ownership from constant maintenance   

With IP5X-certified dustproof technology, it prolongs projector lifespan against hair, dust and other particulate matter. 

Anti-dust Accumulation Sensor

Internationally Recognized IP5X-Certified Dustproof Technology

Reliable Performance Even In Harsh Environments

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