Medical-Diagnostic Series

Medical-diagnostic Monitors Optimizes Diagnosticians' Professional Work 

BenQ diagnostic monitors assure to deliver exceptional image performance and ensure correct and detailed images for the doctors to make correct diagnoses. The monitors also feature user-friendly interface to maximize efficiency. 

  • Consistent, Standards-Compliant Grayscale Images
  • Expanded Grayscale and Color Range (14-bit grayscale and color LUTs)
  • Stable, Precision-Controlled Luminance

Consistent, standards-compliant grayscale images

Conformance with DICOM Part 14 ensures that grayscale images are rendered accurately and consistent with their appearance on other imaging devices, so that radiologists and other specialists have a reliable basis for assessment and diagnosis.

Greater grayscale and color range

14-bit grayscale and color LUTs provide dramatically expanded grayscale levels and color values. The result is clearer differentiation of visual detail for easier identification of important features whatever the particular medical application.

Stable, precision-controlled luminance

Advanced luminance control not only ensures an ideal level of brightness that is quickly achieved after powering on, but also provides consistency both during a session of use and over the lifetime of the display.

Fast Mode Switching

A simple button press allows the user to switch to a different display mode. Commonly used modes such as DICOM and variants, Modality, and Light Box are included, while custom modes can also be configured to meet the requirements of specific applications or usage scenarios.

Refined Constrast  for accurate Imaging

By algorithmically identifying areas of interest in an image and applying adjustment to black and white levels, especially fine or subtle details that could otherwise be overlooked are made more clearly visible, a feature especially valuable for diagnostic reading of complex images.

Ensure DICOM-standard picture quality at all times

An advanced sensor monitors luminance levels over the entire screen to ensure DICOM-conformant images with uniform luminance across the entire screen both during a single session of use and over the lifetime of the display.

Uniform luminance

Uniform luminance across the entire screen guards against discrepancies in brightness levels in different areas of the screen. The result is images that are rendered with consistent luminance across their entirety.

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