Woodmansterne School puts interactivity at the heart of learning, London, UK

A brand new, state-of-the-art secondary school implements a unified, easy-to-use interactive teaching solution
2020.05.26 by 

The Woodmansterne School is a community school in London, United Kingdom. Beginning as a small yet well-regarded primary school, Woodmansterne has since expanded its scope to include secondary education. In pursuit of its mission to give students the best education, Woodmansterne proudly adheres to six core values: integrity, cooperation, aspiration, respect, unity and responsibility.

Die neue Sekundarstufe wurde 2019 fertiggestellt und das Kollegium nutzte die Gelegenheit, eine einheitliche interaktive Lehrlösung zu schaffen, welche in jedem Klassenzimmer der Schule zur Verfügung steht, ohne sich in die bestehenden Systeme integrieren zu müssen. Woodmansterne musste auf Kompatibilitätsfragen keine Rücksicht nehmen und konnte sich ausschließlich darauf konzentrieren, welche Lösung das beste Lernumfeld schaffen würde.

Teachers “Couldn’t Imagine” Class Without BenQ

To help the school staff make a more informed choice, BenQ loaned Woodmansterne a fleet of RP7501K Education Interactive Flat Panel displays for testing. Featuring exceptional image quality as well as a robust set of classroom-ready features, these panels were such a hit that the teachers who tried them couldn’t imagine sending them back.

Instant Access and Flexibility in the Classroom

The biggest selling point of BenQ Education Interactive Flat Panels was the Account Management System. With AMS, teachers are able to create lesson plans and materials, store them in the cloud, and then access them from any compatible display, all without the need for a laptop or PC. Better yet, there are no passwords to remember: teachers can log into a display by swiping a personal NFC card and instantly access their materials.

Because Woodmansterne installed BenQ RP7501K Education Interactive Flat Panel throughout the entire school, it’s easy for teachers to move from classroom-to-classroom. The AMS provides teachers with an unprecedented level of comfort, instantly making them feel confident in using the technology from any classroom.

In addition to loaning the school panels for testing, BenQ also offered multiple on-site training sessions to help teachers and staff familiarize themselves with the new boards and learn how to use all the classroom-friendly features.

Quote from End User

‘I would also say that the support we've had in terms of training has been really good so absolutely I would recommend BenQ’ – Sam Palin, Executive Head Teacher, Woodmansterne.

'It's been really encouraging to walk around and see teachers actually using to the full potential rather than just as a screen' – John Porter, Network Manager.

'Really enjoyed using the BenQ board, there's a lot of different features like interactivity, EZWrite and InstaShare' – Sierah Mansaray, Teacher.

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